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SYNOPSIS: Located in the deep southern sky, is the smallest yet one of the most distinctive and brightest of the 88 constellations: The Southern Cross.

Are we small mortal and insignificant, or can one life however small ripple into other lives and change them forever? When we leave this world do we leave it as we came into it or do we leave our mark “our crosses” across the hearts of those we leave behind? These are the questions that Lana Nel struggles with. Once again the cancer in her body is ready for a fight and she known that this time it’s packing a mean punch, the knockout

Lana decides to sell everything she has and calls her three best friends. If she has to leave this world she’s exiting in style. She plans one last adventure; only, she does not plan it at all. The last few years was scheduled to the point of exhaustion, when to eat, when to take the next pill. This time she is following her stars, following the Southern Cross, she decides to take her friends on a road trip into four different directions East, West, North and South representing each arm of the famous constellation.

As four friends set out to have the time of their lives, we discover that there are always more than meets thee eye when it comes to life, love and friendships. The quirky Mieke discovers that she is more than just a number on a scale. Juan finds his voice and Karin learns that she is
strong enough to live without her best friend.

Although these four friends are dealing with incredible odds, Southern Cross is by no means a tragedy, but rather a celebration of friendship, love and the unfathomable human spirit. Along the road we meet eccentric characters, strange little towns and learn that God inhabits the good and bad in life and let all things work together for the good of those He loves. In the darkest night He shines a light.

Release: September 2015
in 206 Cross Kine’s Country wide and on Scazy World Wide

Director : Willie Olwage
Assistant Director : Josef Malele
Producer: Morne Lane
DOP: Machael van Zyl
Sound on Set: Tesius Human
Music by : Vonk Music – Jakkie Louw – Anais
Production Manger: Lieshen Koch

Running Time: +- 105 min
Language: Afrikaans

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